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Snoop Dogg shows respect for ‘goonie’ Patrick Beverley

Snoop Dogg, Clippers, Patrick Beverley

Hip hop icon and die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan Snoop Dogg has nothing but respect for Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley.

Snoop Dogg recently appeared on the All the Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Among other things, they discussed the Clippers team who has  been making waves all season long. Snoop  praised Beverley and his fearlessness in guarding LeBron James — arguably the best player in today’s game.

“Goon,” Snoop said, as transcribed by Garrett Chorpenning of Sports Illustrated. “I’ll walk into an alley with him and slap someone’s auntie… He takes LeBron [James] on. He’s the goonie, man. You gotta give him his.”

Perhaps Snoop Dogg was referring to Beverley’s stellar defensive effort in the final seconds of the Christmas day duel between the Clippers and Lakers.

For some context, the Lakers were down by three points with less than 20 seconds left. James was gunning for the tie but Beverley was two-steps ahead of him and stripped the ball even before he could rise up for the shot. It proved to be the game-winning defensive play.

In their most recent duel, a 112-103 Lakers win, Beverley kept his intensity at a high-level for the Clippers. In a dead-ball situation, Beverley swatted the ball from James who retaliated with a shove of his own.

Snoop Dogg may be a die-hard Purple and Gold fan, but he knows ‘game’ when he sees it. All eyes might be on the team’s respective stars, but Patrick Beverley’s trademark intensity is the cherry on top of this Lakers-Clippers rivalry.