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Video: Clippers’ Patrick Beverley reacts to accidentally causing Dennis Smith Jr. to lose a tooth

patrick beverley, dennis smith jr

L.A. Clippers guard Patrick Beverly is known to be a bulldog defensively, hounding opposing guards from end to end and constantly applying intense ball pressure. On Sunday night, this intensity ended up with Beverly inadvertently causing Dallas Mavericks guard Dennis Smith Jr. to lose a tooth.

Patrick Beverly and Dennis Smith Jr. were scrapping over a loose ball when the Clippers defender’s elbow connected to his Mavs opponent’s face. Immediately, one of Dennis Smith Jr.’s teeth landed on the court, as Beverly looked on.

The Clippers guard realized what happened and cradled Smith’s head as he looked down at him in surprise. Thankfully, Smith didn’t seem shaken up, staying on the court long enough to win the ensuing jump ball.

He would later return from the locker room and play a key part in the eventual 114-110 Mavs victory, blocking Tobias Harris on the defensive end with the Clippers only down two and then sealing the win with two free throws. He finished the game with only nine points but perhaps scored the most important ones with his clutch free throws.

In a separate incident, Patrick Beverly would get tossed from the game after throwing the ball into the crowd after yet another hustle play on a loose ball. He would exit the game with four points, three rebounds, and three assists.

Beverly is known to be a hustle player and a pest to opposing players. He is well known for injuring Russell Westbrook’s knee in the playoffs while with the Houston Rockets, causing Westbrook to miss the rest of the series.

People can claim that Patrick Beverly is a dirty player, but the scrappy guard will almost certainly play the same way no matter what happens to the players against him.