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Cloud9 leaves the CSGO scene for the time being, transfer-listing players

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The Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) superteam built by Cloud9 CSGO GM Henry “HenryG” Greer has disbanded. Various issues the team faced during the coronavirus pandemic prevented them from achieving their full potential. That’s why, for the time being, the organization has decided to release its players and leave the CSGO scene for the time being.


Cloud9 onboarded their CSGO GM HenryG with one thing in mind: winning championships. Dubbed as the “Colossus”, the team didn’t have any streaming obligations, unlike other teams. Cloud9 built the team purely with the intention to win tournaments, and they invested quite a lot to make this a reality.

However, plans don’t always pan out. Since the current lineup’s formation in September last year, the supposed superteam didn’t really deliver great results. This doesn’t take anything away from the individual skills of the players. It’s also not exactly the fault of the organization. This unfortunate outcome came about because of the global pandemic.

Speaking with RushB Media, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne cited difficulties in coping with the coronavirus as the primary reason for the temporary disband. The prolonged effects of the coronavirus in Europe, in general, caused “undue stress and difficulties in providing bootcamps, housing, and the mental health of the players.” The organization originally planned to set up a bootcamp in Los Angeles, but the current situation won’t let Cloud9 bring their players there.

However, Cloud9 fans can still hope for a bright future for the organization. Etienne reassured that they won’t be leaving CSGO permanently. They say that the organization will even evaluate the North American scene for future ventures.

Meanwhile, Cloud9 is allowing their players to find new teams for the time being. While they remain benched by the organization, for now, they will be allowed to find new homes as Cloud9 remains inactive in the scene.