Colts news: Jim Irsay on Myles Garrett suspension: 'Everybody makes mistakes in life'
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Colts owner Jim Irsay on Myles Garrett suspension: ‘Everybody makes mistakes in life’

Jim Irsay, Myles Garrett

The Cleveland Browns enjoyed a much-needed victory against AFC North rivals Pittsburgh Steelers, but it came at the cost of Myles Garrett getting into an altercation with Mason Rudolph.

Everyone in the NFL, like Colts owner Jim Irsay, has their take on the season-long suspension due to the Browns defensive end hitting the Steelers QB with his own helmet.

While plenty of people cannot forgive the former first overall pick for hitting a man who was recently on concussion protocol on the head with his own helmet, the Colts owner called for cooler heads to reign supreme. He said that everyone makes mistakes and all deserve a second chance.

Irsay has had some interesting to say over the years as Colts owner, and those takes weren’t always received kindly by his fanbase nor the rest of the NFL. While some will be furious that the Colts owner asked fans to forgive Garrett’s mistake, what he’s propagating is not really wrong.

The NFL is a physical sport, so it’s not weird for players to let emotions get the best of them from time to time. Everyone has their limits, and that’s what Irsay was trying to remind everyone.

Unfortunately, not all will be happy with his pacifist message. There are still people who believe that Garrett should be banned for life due to his violent behavior. Meanwhile, fans like UFC champion Stipe Miocic can’t believe Rudolph got to walk away with barely a slap on the wrist.

Their Week 13 duel will definitely be one to watch, and fans are already eager to see how Rudolph will step up against a team that will clearly try and dominate him with or without Garrett on the field.