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Conor McGregor teases at buying Manchester United after chairman Ed Woodward resigns

Conor McGregor, Ed Woodward, Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the multiple English clubs reeling from its plans to partake in a new, 12-team Super League. Conor McGregor might be hoping to capitalize on the calamity.

The UFC star teased at buying the club on Twitter after Red Devils chairman Ed Woodward resigned Tuesday. The tweet is already picking up immense traffic.

Now, McGregor is often spouting off on Twitter. He has already made in the neighborhood of three retirement announcements on the platform, only to return to the UFC each and every time. Thus, it is a bit early to suggest an ownership bid is a real possibility.

It is also worth wondering whether McGregor has the funds to make a strong bid. His estimated net worth is $120 million. That’s quite a bit of money, to be sure. But Manchester United was listed last summer as the 10th-most valuable sporting franchise in the world, according to Forbes. The Glazer family paid over $1.4 billion to acquire the club all the way back in 2005.

So, yeah, the “Notorious One” would need ample financial assistance if he were indeed serious about buying the team. Still, McGregor has been a better businessman than fighter in recent years. Perhaps he can get a team of investors together and make something happen.

Woodward’s resignation was initially thought to have been brought on by Super League backlash. However, that does not appear to be the case.

Regardless, McGregor sees a potential opportunity. First, though, he will prepare for his trilogy bout with top lightweight contender Dustin Poirier in July.