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Could Gerald McCoy be a potential offseason target for the Packers?

Gerald McCoy, Packers

The Green Bay Packers enjoyed a fantastic 2019 regular season. They went 13-3 and secured the second seed in the NFC.

However, they ended up losing to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. So there is clearly some work to be done if they want to finish the 2020 season by hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

Possibly the area that people point out the most when talking about needing improvement is the wide receiver corps. However, that is far from the only issue.

Another pretty glaring problem with the Packers is the defensive line. While they have some really good players, like Kenny Clark, they need more.

With that in mind, could Gerald McCoy be a potential target for Green Bay this offseason?

McCoy was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the third overall pick in 2010. Since then, he has been one of the best defensive linemen in all of football.

That dominance continued last season. In his first year with the Carolina Panthers, McCoy racked up 37 tackles (seven for loss) and five sacks. He also had 13 QB hits and two pass deflections.

That was a “down” year for the defensive tackle.

Which is exactly why the Packers need to go after McCoy now. He is not going to be nearly as expensive as he would have been just a few seasons ago. That being said, he’ll still give you some great production.

Not only will McCoy give production, but he’s also a veteran leader. He would be a great fit on a young defensive line with so many players still learning and adjusting to the NFL.

McCoy has had eight straight seasons of at least five sacks. He’s also recorded at least five tackles for loss in each of those seasons as well.

It’s a testament to just how good the defensive tackle is both against the run and getting to the quarterback.

The Packers have multiple issues though, so they can’t be going after all the big money guys. Again, that circles back to the contract. McCoy likely won’t be looking for loads of money. He might want a little stability, like a three-year deal, but he won’t be asking for Aaron Donald money or anything.

Green Bay could easily pursue him, while still being in talks with other players and getting other deals done.

McCoy is a veteran who is hungry to win. He would be given that chance in Green Bay. While there, he will significantly bolster every facet of their defense.

He’s a good locker room guy and is not going to break the bank. Oh, and he plays a serious position of need for the Packers.

Not only could the Packers target McCoy this offseason, they absolutely should.