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Andy Dalton calls death of George Floyd ‘inexcusable and horrific’

Andy Dalton, Cowboys, George Floyd

The death of George Floyd has brought universal outrage, sadness from across the United States. Riots have broken out across the country, shaping 2020 as a year to remember. In turn, athletes, politicians, and entertainers have used their voices to speak out on the tragedy, while also calling out the treatment of minorities at the hands of police.

While minority public figures have spoken out, white public figures have made their intentions clear that they have had enough of the mundane treatment of minorities. Andy Dalton, the presumed backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, wrote a lengthy post via Twitter describing his thoughts and feelings on the tragedy. Dalton described the actions around Floyd’s death as “inexcusable and horrific.”

While events like this may continue, it doesn’t mean that it’s right. This is why it’s important for non-people of color to speak out on injustice. The more non-people of color speak out, the world will be aware. While things won’t change overnight, steps toward change come with people like Dalton using their voice to encourage change.

The world is currently ablaze. Cities are being burned, and protesters are angry. However, there will never be any progress without struggle. Protesters and many people across the world are angry at this situation, but maybe it will open the eyes of many for them to see that things aren’t right in the world. In fact, things haven’t been right for a while. Kudos to Dalton, and many other non-people of color for using their platform to encourage things to get better.