Cowboys news: Jaylon Smith made 'life-changing' move to earn degree
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Cowboys star Jaylon Smith made ‘life-changing’ move to earn degree

Jaylon Smith, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith took 21 credit hours to complete his bachelor’s degree in the spring.

Smith left the University of Notre Dame after his junior year in 2016. Nonetheless, he promised his mother he will complete his bachelor’s degree in film and television.

Smith made good on his promise. He told David Moore of the Dallas Morning News (via Pro Football Talk’s Charean Williams) it was a “stressful” but “life-changing” experience. He added, “I’m excited to walk across the stage this weekend.”

According to Moore, Smith took classes in critical pedagogy, Latino studies, Latino muralism, philosophy of human nature, and intro to poetry.

Not only that, but Smith managed to work out with the Notre Dame football team while taking his spring semester classes, per The Dallas Morning News.

Smith learned the value of accountability when he worked at a Burger King restaurant during his senior year of high school in 2013, per USA TODAY’s Jori Epstein.

I got a full ride to Notre Dame, really can’t work when you’re at the collegiate level, so I wanted to experience it.

Growing up always going to different fast food restaurants, looking over the counter, waiting for my food, and seeing how hectic it was or how it looked, I wanted to put myself in their shoes and understand.

Smith even managed the drive-through window. That allowed him to put smiles on people’s faces.

Now that Jaylon Smith has completed his college degree, we’re sure he put a smile on his mom’s face.