Cowboys news: Jerry Jones calls Colin Kaepernick workout a 'circus'
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones calls Colin Kaepernick workout a ‘circus’

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The Dallas Cowboys were one of the teams to not send a representative to Atlanta to watch Colin Kaepernick’s workout. Jerry Jones had some choice words about how Kaepernick was originally supposed to work out in the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility but decided to switch the location on short notice.

During a recent interview with 105.3 the Fan, Jones was asked if he thought the workout was a circus and he agreed.

“I think so,” Jones said. … “That situation from the get go probably had a lot more that wasn’t about football involved in it, and consequently we got the results of that dynamic.”

Jones also said he thinks everything that went on with the workout and that surrounds Kaepernick took away from teams just being able to focus on evaluating the player.

“I think it’s unfortunate that you can’t just zero in on the business at hand, and that is evaluating a player that might or might not help you win a football game or move the chains within a football game,” Jones continued.

It has been made clear in the past that Jones expects the players on the Cowboys to stand for the national anthem. That makes it unsurprising for him to share these thoughts about Kaepernick.

When Jones was asked why they didn’t send a representative he said they were happy with Dak Prescott, so they weren’t looking to add another quarterback to their roster at this point of the season.