Cowboys news: NFL agrees tripping penalties should not have been called vs. Patriots
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NFL agrees tripping penalties on Cowboys should not have been called vs. Patriots

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Hardly coming as any surprise whatsoever, the NFL has owned up to yet another miscure on their end. During Sunday evening’s matchup between the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, not one but two tripping calls were called against the once heralded NFC East franchise — both of which should not have been called, according to the league.

While there has only been a handful or so of these calls made all season long, two in one game against the same team is truly unheard of.

“I haven’t, no,” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told reporters when stating that he has never played in a game with multiple tripping calls being made, via USA TODAY Sports. “Obviously I’m not looking at the guys’ feet. I’m not looking at them. My eyes are downfield. I throw the ball, see a flag. I don’t know whether it’s tripping hands to the face, holding or what. I’m just playing the play.”

The Cowboys ultimately fell to the surging Patriots, 13-9, while playing on the road in New England. While these tripping calls could have played a part in the team’s most recent loss, the Cowboys made quite a few mistakes of their own — especially on special teams.

“I mean, that’s been all season long,” Prescott added. “So it’s no surprise. It’s nothing new. As I’ve said before and I continue to say: I’m just going to play the play. That’s my job. I’ll let those guys [the officials] do their job. And that’s for y’all to decide what they’re doing or not.”

The Cowboys are now a nearly even 6-5 on the year.