Cowboys news: Troy Aikman points to nepotism for no GM gig
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Troy Aikman points to nepotism for why landing Dallas GM job was never realistic

Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys

Troy Aikman once had a dream to become a GM in the NFL — preferably for the Dallas Cowboys — but the idea has never manifested itself. The retired quarterback believes that family ties are the reason why the Cowboys never considered him for their GM job.

While making an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Aikman spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher on his failed attempt to be the GM in Dallas:

“I think its a long shot in Dallas,” he tells me via our visit on 105.3 The Fan. “I think its always been a long shot in Dallas for the simple reason that its always been a family affair. And with owner Jerry (Jones) having two sons (Stephen and Jerry Jr., along with daughter Charlotte), and Stephen working in the front office ever since the team was bought, that they’re not in need of that type of person.

It goes without saying that Jerry Jones prefers to have the final say in everything the Cowboys do. Therefore, it makes sense that he would employ his sons and daughters to help run the team.

After Aikman retired in 2000, he decided to pick up a broadcasting career with Fox Sports. Despite having an itch to join an NFL front office, the legendary Cowboys quarterback remains in the booth at Fox Sports.

Just hearing him talk, there’s no doubt that Aikman would’ve liked to have the chance to be the GM in Dallas. However, the chances of him being an NFL GM — not just for the Cowboys — have likely come and gone.