Another year has passed without the Dallas Cowboys winning the Super Bowl. That's something their rabid fandom demands. The next two months will be filled with conjecture about what the Cowboys can or will do to improve their chances next season. Despite their success in 2022, the Cowboys have numerous flaws that must be addressed in the summer. Keep in mind that many important players from last year's squad are facing uncertain futures in Dallas. These include Donovan Wilson, Dalton Schultz, and others. Here we'll look at the two best players whom the Cowboys must trade for in the coming 2023 NFL offseason.

Again, remember that we're dealing with the Cowboys here. No matter their talent level or even health status, their fans have crazy expectations. Every year, this team is expected to reach the Super Bowl, and their failure to do so in 2022 has left the fanbase wondering what went wrong and how to improve for the next season.

As they slog through the offseason, hoping to make necessary improvements through the draft, free agency, and trades, the Cowboys have already made some moves. Dan Quinn will continue to lead the defense, while Mike McCarthy takes charge of the offense in Dallas. However, these changes alone may not be enough to secure the coveted sixth ring. To achieve their goal, the Cowboys need to make significant trades and work hard to reach the Super Bowl.

Let's look at the two players whom the Cowboys must trade for this offseason.

2. WR Tee Higgins

There's nothing to lose in trying to shoot for the moon, right? The Cowboys should aim high and try to acquire Tee Higgins from the Cincinnati Bengals, even if it requires at least a first-round pick. Remember that the Eagles previously gave up a first-round pick to obtain AJ Brown, and the Cowboys could benefit from a similar move. Higgins has been a consistent player in his first three seasons, with impressive stats and the ability to catch 50-50 balls and overpower smaller defenders. Pairing him with CeeDee Lamb would make for a formidable duo.

Take note also that the Cowboys need to be aggressive to even out the trade with Amari Cooper from last year. Higgins would be a good fit since he still has one year left on his rookie deal and can be extended later. The Bengals will have a hard time retaining everyone under their salary cap, and the Cowboys should make an effort to acquire Higgins before someone else does.

1. DE Roy Robertson-Harris

The Jacksonville Jaguars are facing a severe cap space problem after being one of the most active teams in free agency last year. Remember that they carry a $32.5 million deficit. To make room, they may need to trade away some players. This includes defensive tackle Roy Robertson-Harris. He has been a productive player with 82 combined tackles, six sacks, and 11 tackles for losses in 30 games. The Cowboys should consider trading for him since they need help in their running defense. Dallas ranked 18th in their department last season. Robertson-Harris could offer both reliable run-stopping and internal pressure. Trading for him could be a very good move if the Cowboys are able to pull it off.