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Dan Gilbert’s decision to part ways with David Griffin may have cost him job opportunities

David Griffin

The Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday made the surprise decision to part ways with former General Manager David Griffin after three seasons that has seemingly created a cloud of curiosity over the franchise regarding the move.

It brought forth many questions as to why owner Dan Gilbert has chosen to cut ties with Griffin at this point in time. With that in mind, Nate Duncan of NateDuncanNBA.com has brought up an interesting perspective on the whole situation.

This does bring up a valid point as the timing of this decision has let a few potential opportunities go right past Griffin. He could have had a chance to latch onto some promising spots such as the Milwaukee Bucks‘ job that could have allowed him to help shape their young core into something special.

It now puts Griffin in the position of having to sit on the open market with no current opening pressing for his services. Bill Simmons of the Ringer has also brought up a strong point that there could be much more to this decision given the timing and what Griffin was doing at the time of the move as he was looking into acquiring Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls.

There is clearly much more to this situation than what is being let on at the moment. Once all of that comes to the light, it should add much more clarity as to why the move was made on Gilbert’s behalf beyond just the two sides disagreeing on the team’s future.