Dan Lanning and Oregon football are not messing around. Holding onto a 13-0 lead at the time while facing a 4th-and-4 on their own 17-yard line in the second quarter, Lanning did the unthinkable, calling a fake punt. But not only did the Ducks head coach call a fake punt, but he called a fake punt to Casey Rogers, who just so happens to be a 305-pound defensive lineman. Needless to say, Colorado football was not expecting it.

Rogers rumbled for an 18-yard gain, to the delight of Lanning and the Ducks fans. The beauty of this fake punt, aside from the fact that the ball was snapped to the most unlikely player, was that the Ducks punter sold a bad snap to the right of the formation, which drew even more attention from the Buffaloes defense.

X, formerly known as Twitter, was stunned by just how aggressive Lanning was backed up against his own end zone.

But judging by his fiery pregame speech, this was a personal game for Lanning and Oregon football.

One needed to look no further than Lanning's fiery pregame speech to know that as well as his strong hint that the Ducks would be running up the score in a halftime interview.

Lanning and Oregon will certainly be the story of the day in college football.