Ahead of the Oregon-Colorado football game, Ducks coach Dan Lanning gave his squad a fiery pregame speech which took shots at the flashyness of the Buffaloes. Both Colorado and Oregon are 3-0, but Lanning wants to prove that Colorado is not in the same class as his team.

Lanning said, “Rooted in substance, not flash. Today we talk with our pads … The Cinderella story's over. They're fighting for clicks, we're fighting for wins. There's a difference. This game ain't gonna be played in Hollywood. It's played on the grass.”

Despite No. 10 Oregon having a better ranking, much of the hype going into this game has surrounded Colorado. Though both teams are 3-0, Deion Sanders and his squad have dominated headlines and media attention since Deion's arrival in Boulder. Lanning's speech particularly seems to call out the “Hollywood” nature of the Buffaloes, likely referring to Deion appearing on many pregame shows and soaking in the praise for his team.

His speech comes after the Ducks coach made similar comments earlier this week when he said, “youtube videos aren't going to win football games,” per Yahoo Sports.

Clearly, Dan Lanning is not a fan of Deion's approach. However, Deion has always been flashy since his playing days, when he took on the nickname “Primetime.”

Still, it looks like Lanning's approach is working as the Ducks shredded Colorado in the first half. Oregon goes into the half with a 35-0 lead as the defense has completely shut down the Shedeur Sanders-led Buffaloes offense. Barring a miraculous comeback, Lanning seems like he'll hold to his word by ending the “Cinderella story.”