The rivalry between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is well-known among MMA fans. The anticipation for a showdown between Jones, who was returning from a three-year hiatus, and Ngannou was palpable. However, Ngannou left the UFC, ending hopes for the epic clash. Meanwhile, Jones made a triumphant return to the heavyweight division, defeating Ciryl Gane via submission to claim the championship belt. His performance earned widespread respect, including from UFC President Dana White, reported by Essentially Sports. Recently, White revealed some secrets about the potential matchup between Jones and Ngannou.

Dana White was interviewed by NFL legend Shannon Sharpe on the ‘Club Shay Shay’ talk show. During the interview, White didn't hold back his admiration for Jon Jones and shared his thoughts on the failed Jones-Ngannou matchup.

Dana White disses Francis Ngannou

When Sharpe asked White if he regretted how things turned out with Ngannou, White made it clear he had no regrets. He claimed that the UFC did everything possible to ensure Jones and Ngannou fought each other, but fate had other plans. Ngannou vacated his title and announced his retirement from the UFC.

Sharpe then questioned whether Jones was afraid of fighting Ngannou. White quickly defended Jones, pointing out that the only loss on Jones' record was due to a bad referee. He emphasized how easily Jones defeated Gane in his first heavyweight bout. White believed the result would have been the same if Jones had fought Ngannou. “Not only is Jon Jones not afraid of Francis. Jon Jones is the baddest fighter to ever live in any combat sport. If you look at Jon Jones, he’s undefeated in the UFC. He’s got one loss on his record. He lost to Steve Mazzagatti. You know who that is? He is the worst referee to ever f***ing ref in any fight. Never lost and he went through murderous row. Then he goes out for three years, comes back, and beats Ciryl Gane. [snaps his fingers] Like that! Easily! And in my opinion, he does the same thing to Francis. A 100%. Does the same thing to Francis,” White said.

White also revealed that Ngannou didn’t want to take the fight with Jones. He praised Jones further, stating, “Francis didn’t wanna fight Jon Jones. There is nothing for him to prove now. He already moved up to heavyweight and walked through- Francis Ngannou barely made it through Ciryl Gane. If Ciryl Gane doesn’t go for that submission, Ciryl Gane wins that fight. Jon Jones walked through him.”

After joining the PFL (Professional Fighters League), Ngannou received numerous fan requests to fight Jones and settle the score. Despite White's claims that he was scared, Ngannou has expressed his willingness to face Jones.

In a recent interview, Ngannou was asked about a potential fight with Jones. The former UFC champion declared that he was always prepared for the fight. He mentioned that the decision lay with Jones and his UFC contract. Ngannou said Jones could call him anytime, but there were conditions involved.

In a previous interview with Sharpe on his show, Ngannou affirmed his desire to fight Jones. However, he insisted that the PFL needed to be involved since he switched to this promotion. “I’m willing to do that fight, but not to go back to the UFC,” Ngannou stated.

The future of the rivalry

The potential fight between Jones and Ngannou remains a hot topic among MMA fans. While Dana White’s recent comments have added fuel to the fire, Ngannou's readiness to face Jones keeps the possibility alive. However, the fight hinges on negotiations and the willingness of both fighters to come to an agreement.

For now, Jones continues to dominate the heavyweight division in the UFC, while Ngannou is carving out his path in the PFL. The future of their rivalry remains uncertain, but the MMA world continues to watch closely, hoping for a resolution that brings these two titans face-to-face in the octagon.

The rivalry between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is far from over. With both fighters making bold statements and Dana White adding his insights, the MMA community eagerly awaits what the future holds for these two champions.