San Antonio Spurs forward David West has officially declined his $1.5 million player option for next season.

West shocked everyone after turning down a $12 million dollar option with the Indiana Pacers, and signing for the veteran minimum with the Spurs for a chance to win a championship.

West fell on the depth chart behind both Tim Duncan and LaMarcus Aldridge averaging 7.1 points, and 4 rebounds averaging 18 minutes per game, and helping the bench strongly contribute to the Spurs 67-15 season.

West told the SA Express News that he had no regrets playing for the Spurs at a discount, even though they lost to the Thunder in the conference semi-finals round.

“We had a good run. We ran into two of the best players in the league right now (Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook). They deserved to win. I'm good, I'm really good,” he said. “This was a good situation for me.”

The Spurs have plenty of free agent situations to deal with, having to reconstruct their roster to keep up with a younger, faster more athletic NBA, and having two players in Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili teetering between playing another year or retiring.

As for what’s next for West. He isn’t sure yet, and so his decision to opt out frees him to mull his future. He is 35 years old now, and this is possibly his final contract in the NBA before he himself retires.

There is still a possibility he re-signs with the Spurs but for more money this time around. The Spurs will have to be very crafty and intelligent in what moves they make this summer, but if West leaves or stays, he believes it was all worth it from the beginning.

“I enjoyed every step of the way.”

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