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Dejounte Murray’s feelings on joining Trae Young, Hawks as Spurs talk trade

Hawks, Spurs, Trae Young, Dejounte Murray trade

The San Antonio Spurs are rumored to be in trade talks involving All-Star guard Dejounte Murray. The Atlanta Hawks have been linked to Murray, and there are stirrings of a deal in the works. Although there is no official trade at the moment, the Hawks undeniably have interest in Murray. But does he have interest in the Hawks … or being traded at all for that matter?

According to LJ Ellis of SpursTalk, Murray has reportedly not asked for a trade. With that being said, he is reportedly open to joining the Hawks and has talked with Trae Young. The report also states that Murray is not applying pressure on the Spurs’ front office to make a trade happen. Additionally, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has not yet commented on any proposed deal.

Despite all of the rumors, there are no guarantees of a trade becoming a reality. The Spurs have an insanely high asking price for Dejounte Murray, which ultimately may deter teams from completing a deal. This latest report says the Spurs are asking for four first-round picks in return for the point guard or three firsts and multiple pick swaps, which would match the prior reporting of a desired trade package similar to Jrue Holiday. Sure, Murray is a 25-year old phenom who excels in many facets of the game, but that price is ludicrously high.

Of course, the Spurs have every right to set the bar high. They don’t need to trade him right now. So if they do, they may as well get everything possible in return. We’ll see if the Hawks are willing to meet their asking price.

For now, Dejounte Murray is still a member of the Spurs. But there will be plenty of trade rumors moving forward, whether it revolves around the Hawks or other teams.