Delonte West has been making headlines for the wrong reasons as of late.

Back in February, he was spotted outside of a Jack in the Box without any shoes on, and his demeanor was described as depressed. West has reportedly been diagnosed with a bipolar condition, even though he's denied it on a few occasions.

Then, yesterday morning, West was seen in a Maryland suburb supposedly begging for money on the side of the street. Social media immediately assumed he was homeless.

However, that doesn't exactly appear to be the case. West has allegedly denied the rumors that he's on the streets himself, stating that he was actually helping a paralyzed homeless man.

“I was helping a homeless man in my neighborhood that’s paralyzed from neck down. I parked my car and got out to help because it was 90 degree weather and i was feeling blessed at the moment for just having legs.”

Hopefully this report is true. It takes another sad story about Delonte and makes it into one that warms your heart.

West last appeared in the NBA back in 2011-12 with the Dallas Mavericks. He became a starter early in his career with the Boston Celtics, and he experienced the most successful stretch of his career alongside LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2008 to 2010. He averaged 9.7 points and 3.6 assists per game in his NBA career.

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