It seems the Dallas Mavericks will look to have a huge rebuilding process coming their way.

It was recently reported that point guard Deron Williams has opted for free agency July 1. ESPN's Mark Stein also confirms the option below.

Williams signed with the Mavs in mid July and played 65 games of the regular season. He had a decent season overall, and he even managed to have his highest free-throw percentage (.869) among his other regular seasons.

Unfortunately, Williams did not see much action during the Mavs' short time in the playoffs this year. He was dealing with lingering abdominal strains, and they crept back up on him in Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round.

So to opt out of his $5.6 million deal with the Mavs is considerably risky, as his value may not be seen across the NBA. Although he has had the summer to rest and get healthy, he will be turning 32 four days from now, so his career is likely to be on the decline.

One thing's for sure is the Mavericks organization needs to find a way to keep a good team together if they want to make another run at an NBA championship.

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