The long-awaited Diablo 4 gives its players the fun and satisfaction that only a Diablo game can, and more. Here's what critics have to say about Diablo 4, including their reviews and scores.

Diablo 4 Review Scores: 87-92 on Metacritic

Diablo 4 is the latest installment of the Diablo franchise and sees its return to PC and consoles. It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC.

Metacritic aggregated reviews for all the major platforms that the game came out in. As of this article, the PC version of the game has 50 reviews, the PlayStation 5 version has 15 reviews, and the Xbox Series X version has 11. Out of the 76 total reviews so far, only four of them were mixed, with the rest being positive. Now, let's take a deeper look as to what the critics have to say about the game, both the good and the bad.

Windows Central gave the game a score of 100. They said that “simply put, Diablo 4 may be Blizzard's best-ever game”, something that they said is “a really tough legacy to live up to”. They brought up its “immaculate storytelling… stunning art, polished, bug-free gameplay”, and its “endlessly customizable combat.” According to them, “Diablo 4 might be Blizzard's most important, pivotal game since World of Warcraft.” They even recommended it to people who are not usually fans of isometric action RPGs, saying that they are “confident that you won't be disappointed.

GameSpew also gave the game a score of 100, saying that they were happy that Blizzard smashed their high expectations for the game. They praised the fact that Blizzard took the meaningful quality-of-life improvements from Diablo 3, and confidently expanded on them. They also liked that Blizzard brought back the “much-loved look and feel of Diablo 2.” Despite this, they praised the game for “not [being] too focused on the past, taking the series into open world territory and making it more story-led than before.” The story, in particular, was something they “never expected to be so invested [in]”.

Dexerto gave the game yet another score of 100, calling the game “a mighty sequel”, as well as “a grand buffet of tasty demon-slaying treats”. While they said that the game “offers something for everyone”, they also noted that it “misses out on the acquired yet curated taste of the older entries.” However, this “doesn't take away from Diablo 4 representing the next evolution in the series.” The game is “a stellar sequel – and one that works hard to appeal to every fan of this beloved franchise.”

VGC gave the game yet another score of 100, calling the game “Blizzard's best game since Diablo 3”. They also stated that it is “easily a game-of-the-year frontrunner”. They praised the game's rhythm, open world, and more. However, they mentioned that the game's internet connectivity requirement “is a shame”. They also stated that ” a few of the classes are somewhat slow to kick into high gear.” Overall, they were only able to muster minor complaints, as the game was still overall very good.

Game Rant gave the game a score of 90. They praised Blizzard for taking “twenty years of game design lessons and [putting] all of them in Diablo 4.” They praised the “variety of things to do in the game”, as well as the “plethora of build choices”. According to them, the game feels like something made with a lot of experience, as well as a lot of love. They said that “users will find [love] in every system and corner of sanctuary”. They also called Diablo 4 “some of Blizzard's best story-telling to date.”

Twinfinite also gave the game a score of 90. They enjoyed the game a lot, as they “cannot overstate just how satisfying it is to play Diablo 4 on a moment-to-moment basis.” As there have been a lot of looter shooter games that came out recently, they wondered if there is still room for games like Diablo 4. According to them, “The answer is a resounding yes.” Thanks to the game's “various classes and build possibilities within those classes”, the game really feels like a “true return to form for the series.”

IGN gives the game yet another score of 90. They called the game a “stunning sequel with near-perfect endgame and progression design”. This makes it “absolutely excruciating to put down.” Although other sites praised the game's story, IGN said that it was a “pretty big disappointment”, although they said that it was a “noticeable improvement over Diablo 3”. They also brought up “some annoying bugs that need squashing.” However, they praised the game for its “combat, the loot game, and both the sights and sounds of this world.” For them, they were “impressive enough to smooth over those rough edges.”

VG247 gave the game a score of 80. They said that “Diablo 4 is good, but it could have been more.” According to them, the game “is a damn good entry to the series as a whole, and will give the vast majority of its players a bloody good time.” They mentioned that the game was a “good package”, even if it had “bugs and live service concerns.” They also praised the development team, as they have “gone to great lengths to drag the best bits of Diablo back from hell, emboldened and enriched.”

Gamespot also gave the game a score of 80, calling it “a game that has been crafted with a strong awareness of what made each [Diablo game] either revered or reviled”. This is because according to them, Diablo 4 “cannot escape comparison to the past of the franchise it belongs to.”  According to them, the game took “a measured approach to combining the many elements form previous entries that worked into a system that feels like the new standard-bearer for action role-playing.” They brought up that this, along with “a new benchmark for storytelling in the franchise, and a solid narrative foundation for any potential new adventurers”, makes the game something that they will “regularly check-in on for a long time to come.”

GamersRD gave the game a mixed score of 70. They praised the game because of its “excellent improvements over is predecessor and a decent level design. They also brought up its visuals, calling it one of the best role-playing games in that regard. The game's “moderate replayability” is, for them, “one of the best things that can be praised. However, they said that if the player “wants to play Diablo 4 for its story you are in the wrong place.” They also mentioned that there were “some features that could be used in a better way.”


Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

The Guardian gave the game a mixed score of 60. They praised the game's “rewarding interplay between various stats and buffs.” They also loved that the game gave players “access to the sort of freedom in character and combat customization that's typically locked away for hours in similar games.” However, for them, “Diablo 4 feels toylike.” They said that if players “strip away the hellish screams and scarily convincing Halloween costumes, and what’s left is the video game equivalent of hyper-palatable junk food, albeit with myriad colorful warnings on the packaging”

Is Diablo 4 worth it?

Judging from the various positive critic reviews and scores, I would say that Diablo 4 is very much worth it. Various reviews praised the game's classes and customization, something that a lot of players love when playing role-playing games. They also praised the game's graphics, music, and overall gameplay. Of course, a common consensus seems to be that the internet connectivity requirement is a pain, as well as the various bugs that still need fixing. Some of them also mentioned that the game's story was a bit lackluster, while others said it was really good.

However, the good sides of the game are enough to make up for its bad sides. As mentioned above, even if you are not a big fan of isometric games, role-playing games, or isometric-role playing games, Diablo 4 is still a must-try.

That is all for our look at Diablo 4, the reviews of critics, as well as their scores. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.