Count Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki as one in the group that believes Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant will remain with the Thunder when free agency is completed.

Nowitzki knows what it's like having to make a decision to leave a team that he has been with his entire career, and what it means to stay. Nowitzki feels Durant doesn't need to go anywhere to win, as he explained to ESPN:

“He wants to play to win. He's got a great group of guys there in OKC. They've got everything going. They've got youth, they've got talent, they've got athleticism. He's got a superstar player next to him. They're loaded where he's at.”

That is probably the biggest advantage that the Thunder have besides the ability to offer the most money. They don't have to build a team around Durant and experiment with other talent – they already have a team around him.

Regardless if Durant signs a one or two year contract this summer, he is on a team that has been to the NBA Finals once and the Western Conference Finals multiple times in his nine-year career. Thunder management is savvy enough to make moves when they feel it is necessary, and a new coach with fresh ideas is on the sideline directing the troops.

Durant doesn't seem unhappy as a player on this team, and Nowitzki can see right through the talk and speculation. Durant's situation is not so bad after all.

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