Dirk Nowitzki‘s option to opt-out of a new contract is under new consideration as the Mavericks legend re-weighs his initial decision. Just like any other superstar, Nowitzki is on the pursuit to another championship title, and he wants his team structured to do so.

The big German already has the future on his mind and wants to ensure every piece falls into place accordingly. The Mavericks have not had the best luck in free agency the past several years, and certain frustrations naturally emerge from a player so dedicated to his team.

“We let some of our guys go and it's been tough on the franchise … we've been banking on free agency … It just hasn't come together the way we've wanted it to,” said Nowitzki.

dirk nowitzki
Ronald Martinez

In order for Nowitzki to make a sacrifice, he wants to be sure it will be for a good cause. He sees no sense in having other players receive higher pay than him unless they deserve it.

But this is all more the reason the Mavericks need to secure more talent this summer. Even though Nowitzki, the No. 6 scorer of all time, is the best player in the Mavericks jersey, all he asks is “is that a good thing?” He does indeed want to play a few more years, but he wants to go out with a bang.

“Tanking is just not part of my DNA, just not part of the way I'm wired,” continued Nowitzki. “I want to go for it. That's what these fans deserve.”

Hopefully Nowitzki's work and negotiations with Mavericks management this summer can open doors for many gifted players to join the Dallas team.

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