Jeremy Wang’s journey was quite different from many Twitch streamers, in that he actually worked for various companies before beginning his career in content creation. He has since become one of the top streamers to date, garnering up to hundreds of million of total views and millions of subscribers across various online platforms.  Let’s dig into Disguised Toast’s net worth in 2022.

Disguised Toast’s Net Worth in 2022 (Estimate): $3 million

Disguised Toast Net Worth

Disguised Toast’s net worth in 2022 is $3 million. This is according to numerous outlets, including SportsKeeda.

Disguised Toast was born Jeremy Wang on November 25th, 1991. Though he was born in Taipei, Taiwan, his family moved to Penang, Malaysia before his first birthday. Years later, he and his parents moved to Kingston, Ontario to join his older brother at university. Wang eventually followed his sibling’s footsteps and pursued a degree in Ontario. After initially enrolling in computer science, Wang earned his three-year degree in mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

With many streamers choosing to drop out due to their rising career coinciding with the later years of their university education, Wang stood out. Before he started posting on YouTube, the young Taiwanese-Canadian used his degree to work in app development for companies such as the NFL, Royal Bank of Canada, and Mercedes Benz.

It was in 2015 when he started working on infographics and YouTube videos. His initial content focused on card interactions in free-to-play game Hearthstone, which was then shared on Reddit. Although he initially hid his identity with a toast-shaped cardboard mask, Wang accidentally revealed his face in October 2016.

His screen name, reflected by his mask, is “Disguised Toast,” a reference to a Hearthstone card whose voice line reads, “This guy’s toast”. In fact, DBLTAP reported that the name sounded so creative that veteran comedian Conan O’Brien exclaimed his elation at TwitchCon 2017: “Disguised Toast is the greatest name in gaming history.”

As he slowly gained more exposure, Wang joined in October 2017 a collective of content creators called OfflineTV, who all lived together in Los Angeles, California. His follower and view count continued to rise.

By 2019, he made an announcement that left his millions of subscribers reeling: He would soon publish his gaming streams exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

Wang further boosted his numbers by more than 2 million subscriptions and 400 million YouTube views throughout 2020 and 2021, in large part due to his Among Us-themed videos. During this period, he played with fellow streamers and other internet personalities including PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, Bretman Rock and Pokimane.

Despite the fact that a significant amount of his success can be attributed to his Twitch content, Wang advises newbie streamers to actually start on YouTube first.

“If you open a Twitch account right now, you just turn it on, you’re gonna get zero viewers, and how do you get people to your stream when there’s hundreds of thousands of other streamers offering the same thing.”

And aspiring content creators might want to listen to him. After all, since he began in 2015, Wang has steadily established himself as one of the most highly watched content creators in the gaming and streaming community. As of writing this piece, Disguised Toast has earned 2.6 million followers and more than 90 million views on Twitch. Not bad for a streamer who only announced his return to Twitch from a two-year absence on November 24th, 20221.

On the other hand, his primary YouTube channel has 3.64 million subscribers and 1.06 billion total views. His secondary channel, Disguised Toast 2, boasts an extra 90 million views and over 590,000 subscribers. Wang has also extended his reach on other social media platforms, with 1.5 million followers each on Facebook and Twitter, plus 911,000 on Instagram.

Disguised Toast has garnered numerous awards and recognitions for his content. He was on Forbes’ 2021 “30-under-30” list in the Games category, and was honored as the Best Strategy Game Streamer at the 2022 Streamer Awards.

Additionally, the 30-year-old also has his fair share of business ventures and sponsorship deals due to his massive audience reach, teaming with brands like Amazon, HTC Gaming, HyperX Gaming peripherals, NeXon, Stunlock Studios and Respawn Entertainment.

Over the course of the past seven years, Disguised Toast has built himself a wildly successful career, with income generated from gaming, streaming, YouTube, sponsorships and many other personal ventures, amassing a net worth of $3 million.

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