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Seahawks, DK Metcalf

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf can’t be stopped by the best cornerbacks in the game

On Monday night, DK Metcalf made history for the Seahawks while having to compete against a top cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles. The former Ole Miss standout made history by becoming the fast Seahawks receiver to reach one thousand total receiving yards. He was able to break the threshold on a national stage.

On the daily Locked On Seahawks podcast, Corbin Smith and Rob Rang talked about the young Seahawks receiver’s historic milestone and a great performance against Eagles corner Darius Slay.

Smith: This game ended up being all about milestones. Most notably, DK Metcalf who basically was the Seahawks offense Monday night. 177 receiving yards, a career-high for him and he is now the fastest Seahawks receiver to 1,000 yards in franchise history, accomplishing it in just 11 games. And he is now leading the entire NFL with 1,039 receiving yards with five weeks left to play.

Rang: Yeah it was absolutely a spectacular performance by DK Metcalf. You know, I think the appropriate way to start off our show today is just to acknowledge what kind of game it was and obviously, it was highlighted so much on Monday Night Football that it was one on one going up against Darius Slay, you know one of the better cover corners in all of the NFL. A guy that the defensive coordinator for Philadelphia, Jim Schwartz, hand-selected after coaching him with the Detroit Lions before so you know that the Eagles felt confident going in about their ability to slow down Metcalf.