Enrique (Kiké) Hernandez recently agreed to re-sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB free agency. Hernandez is a fan-favorite in Los Angeles and Dodgers fans were excited to learn that he was indeed returning for the 2024 season. Hernandez's versatility gives manager Dave Roberts additional roster flexibility as well. However, Hernandez revealed that the New York Yankees were among his free agency suitors during an appearance on Foul Territory.

“At the end it came down to the Dodgers or the Yankees, big market only, but I chose the Dodgers because they have a lot of left handed hitters,” Hernandez said. “I was already late to spring, I didn’t have to pack my bags and fly to Florida and all that, and move my family across the country, but you know Dodgers being here in Arizona was convenient, also they have a lot of left handed hitters in their lineup.

“The main reason is they were able to guarantee me to start at least against left handed pitchers to start the year and then from there on anything can happen. The Yankees have a really good lineup as well just like the Dodgers but they have a lot of right handed hitters and their lefties are not platoon guys.”

Hernandez believes he will receive more playing time in Los Angeles. He is familiar with the American League East after spending the past few seasons with the Boston Red Sox, so he probably could have handled a move to New York well. But he was traded to Los Angeles in 2023 and is set to return to the Dodgers once again in 2024.