Los Angeles Dodgers star Freddie Freeman got into something of a heated exchange with a reporter over the weekend. After being snubbed from the All-Star Game, Freeman was asked a bizarre question by LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez, to which the Dodgers’ first baseman didn’t hold back his frustration in his answer.

Freeman was asked if not getting selected for the All-Star Game made him come “unglued” on Sunday, to which he bashed the reporter and said it was a “terrible question.” Freeman was reportedly later heard “barking across the clubhouse about how [Hernandez] was the worst reporter he’s dealt with in his 13 years in the major leagues.”

Hernandez didn’t take too kindly to his exchange with Freeman, opting to tweet out a column he wrote with the caption “On the wisdom of Clayton Kershaw and the emotional instability of Freddie Freeman.”

It didn’t take long for Hernandez to run up a quick ratio on Twitter, and Dodgers fans were eager to blast him in the replies, with some calling him “even worse than Bill Plaschke.” Yikes!

It’s safe to say that Dodgers fans were not nearly upset as Hernandez about Freeman’s retort to his question in the clubhouse. His efforts to scrutinize Freeman on Twitter only resulted in fans calling for him to be fired, and respect levels for the Dodgers’ first baseman skyrocketing.

If Freeman wants to win over the hearts of Dodgers fans after a somewhat tumultuous start to his tenure in LA, showing a willingness to put Hernandez on blast is a great start.

If one thing has been made clear from this ordeal, it’s that Freddie Freeman simply doesn’t have the patience for stupid questions.