The Los Angeles Dodgers knew that Shohei Ohtani was an excellent baseball player. Everyone knows that. But the Dodgers are receiving the opportunity to learn more about Ohtani on and off the field after signing him this past offseason.

One common theme that Ohtani has displayed to the Dodgers is how “intentional” he is, something both manager Dave Roberts and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman agreed on, per Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic.

“Everything he does is intentional, which is pretty amazing but not surprising,” Roberts said.

“Just how intentional every single thing he does is, whether it’s in the weight room, out on the field, that you can’t really fully appreciate until you see it,” Friedman added.

Ohtani has a reason behind everything he does. He is known as someone who works hard and doesn't skip over anything. His approach to the game is clearly working, as Ohtani is already regarded as one of the best players ever.

What can Dodgers expect from Shohei Ohtani moving forward?

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Ohtani will attempt to help anchor the Dodgers lineup while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. The two-way phenom will not pitch in 2024 but is hoping to return to the mound for the '25 season.

Ohtani is expected to be ready as the Dodgers designated hitter for Opening Day. He is also expected to make his Dodgers 2024 spring training debut on Tuesday against the Chicago White Sox.

Shohei Ohtani will continue to perform at an elite level. His health will be something to closely monitor over the years, especially when it comes to pitching. As long as injuries do not stand in the way, Ohtani will probably keep accomplishing never-before-seen feats on the diamond.