The Los Angeles Dodgers have until January 6th to make a final decision on SP Trevor Bauer. A number of contrasting reports have surfaced in reference to Dodgers' players feelings on the controversial pitcher. An initial report stated that players wanted LA to release Bauer. However, a recent report said otherwise, as it claimed some players would welcome Trevor Bauer back to Los Angeles. Bauer, who's no stranger to trolling on the internet, sent out a trio of tweets mocking the conflicting reports.

The “King of Juco” is Trevor Bauer's friend Eric Sim. Meanwhile, Bauer is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company “Momentum.” Bauer seemingly used Sim and Momentum to indirectly take a jab at the varying Dodgers reports.

At first glance, people may be led to believe Bauer was simply trolling his friend. But the fact that he referenced the January 6th date all but confirms this was based around the reports.

Bauer's future is unclear at the moment. The Dodgers would likely prefer to keep him around based on talent alone. The right-hander is a former NL Cy Young winner who's regarded as one of the best pitchers in the game. With that being said, LA could opt to move on given his controversial history.

With the January 6th date looming right around the corner, the Dodgers could announce an official decision on Trevor Bauer at any second. We will continue to monitor and provide updates on the Dodgers-Bauer situation as they are made available.