Los Angeles Dodgers' star pitcher Walker Buehler got brutally honest on his 2nd Tommy John Surgery rehab in a recent interview, per Russell Dorsey.

“Things are good,” Buehler said in reference to the rehab. “Almost 3 months into the rehab now, something I've done before and going through it again now is a little bit different, being older, having played in the big leagues now. The first one was more the uncertainty of it, if I'm ever going to make it, if I'm ever going to play. This one just trying to get back to who I can be. So things are going good so far.”

Walker Buehler's update is promising without question. The All-Star pitcher is much more confident this time around and knows what to expect. It goes without saying, but undergoing two Tommy John surgeries by age 28 is extremely unfortunate. But the Dodgers believe Buehler will be able to return and pick up where he left off down the road.

Buehler then addressed the mental aspect of his 2nd Tommy Johny surgery.

“Different ways to frame it right? Something obviously wasn't right, something keeps breaking in my elbow so you can find different ways to try and improve…but at the end of the day, I just know how to be the guy that I have been,” Buehler said. ” We will probably deep dive in mechanics and things like that. And get my body in a better spot.”

The Dodgers will attempt to win the NL West division once again without Walker Buehler for most of 2023. Clayton Kershaw, who recently-re-signed with the team, will be pivotal to LA's success amid Buehler's absence. Buehler also talked with Dorsey about Kershaw's return to LA.

“As long as he (Kershaw) wants to play, I know all of us want him back, we’re ecstatic,” Buehler said. “I FaceTimed him right when I heard… I’m excited.”