Perhaps the Miami Dolphins will make some more changes in the offseason of 2023. Keep in mind that they still have a few openings on their roster. They can, of course, do so through the draft. Nonetheless, there are certain possibilities that may be viewed as “traps” for the Dolphins. Here we'll look at the rookie prospects that the Miami Dolphins must avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The 2023 NFL Draft does not bring much excitement for Dolphins fans. In the past, the team has welcomed a host of new and thrilling rookies. However, this year, they only have four picks. They have none on Day 1, two on Day 2, and two on Day 3. For much of the past year or so, the Dolphins have focused more on acquiring proven talent. They have brought in guys such as Jalen Ramsey, Tyreek Hill, and Bradley Chubb through trades rather than gambling on draft picks. Miami GM Chris Grier has been extremely aggressive in that respect. He clearly aims to win now while Tua is on his rookie deal.

Miami's lack of draft capital can also be attributed to Grier's aggressiveness. This includes tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton. That resulted in the team losing their first-round pick. Furthermore, last season, the Dolphins traded their remaining first-round pick to the Denver Broncos for Chubb. For this year, Miami did have one original pick in Round 2 and one third-round pick. They obtained that from the New England Patriots. Of course, they also traded their fourth and sixth-round picks away in the Tyreek Hill deal and their fifth-round pick for Jeff Wilson Jr.

The Dolphins then used their additional third-round pick from the Patriots to trade for Ramsey with the Los Angeles Rams. Miami's only remaining picks for Day 3 are from the sixth round, which they obtained from the Chicago Bears in exchange for Jakeem Grant. Sure, this lack of draft capital is not ideal for the Dolphins. However, Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel believe that their aggressive strategy of acquiring proven talent will help them win now.

Despite that, there are rookie prospects this year on whom maybe the Dolphins should try taking double takes.

Let’s look at the players that the Dolphins must avoid in the 2023 NFL Draft.

1. Christopher Smith II

Christopher Smith II was a highly-rated high school recruit. He had a four-star rating and a top-30 ranking as a cornerback. He was even recognized as the 2017 Class 2A Defensive Player of the Year. Smith's playing time was limited during his first two seasons at the University of Georgia. However, made his presence felt in the 2020 season. He was named a team captain multiple times and showed leadership both on and off the field.

While Smith has many positive qualities, there are some areas of concern in his game. He sometimes struggles with decisiveness, particularly when it comes to tackling. Although he is a physical tackler, his overall wrap-up technique needs improvement. Smith's physique also does not allow him to easily escape blocks from offensive linemen who are climbing upfield. When he is caught, he can be pushed or washed out of the play. Smith's arm length also creates challenges when playing against larger receivers and tight ends. There is a worry that he could be boxed out by these bigger players in the passing game. When pursuing the ball carrier, Smith also needs to work on taking better angles to position himself effectively.

2. Jordan Battle

Jordan Battle is a senior defensive back who played in over 50 games for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He has emerged as a leader in that talented Alabama football defense. He also demonstrated strong vocal leadership and high-level play on the field. Battle is a versatile defensive back who has played in different positions. These include strong and free safety, as well as the nickel position and in the box. He has shown a high IQ in each position and has made plays both in the run game and pass game.

Despite Battle's impressive qualities, there are still areas of his game that he can work on improving. As a run defender, he tends to take bad angles, which causes him to either over-pursue or under-pursue the ball carrier. This can lead to missed tackles. In man-to-man coverage, Battle can struggle to maintain proper leverage on receivers. This allows them to get open. He may also struggle against quicker and more explosive receivers who run short to intermediate routes.

1. Garrett Williams

Garrett Williams was a dual-sport athlete in high school. Not surprisingly, he had an immediate impact on Syracuse football's defense in college. In 2020, he finished as a Freshman All-American and followed that up in 2021 as an All-ACC selection. Unfortunately, his 2022 season ended early due to a season-ending ACL injury.

Williams has a physical and aggressive playing style that can be both a positive and a negative. At times, it leads to him losing control, unable to finish a tackle with good balance. While he is disruptive at the catch point, he needs to improve his ability to create turnovers. Williams is at his best when he is driving forward on the ball. However, he also has inconsistencies in terms of locating the football downfield. In the 2022 game against Purdue, he struggled with eye discipline when covering vertical routes. This allowed receivers to get behind him. While Williams is a good athlete, he does not have elite long speed to keep up with every receiver.

Also keep in mind that due to his ACL injury, evaluating Williams' athleticism will be quite challenging for his future team.