Dolphins news: Brian Flores claims Miami 'out to win every game, period'
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Brian Flores claims the Dolphins are ‘out to win every game, period’

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Coming off two straight wins, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has made it clear the team’s only goal right now is to win.

Flores knows that the only goal that players and coaches have is to win football games. Playing for the future doesn’t really matter, everyone needs to play for right now.

“We’re going out to win every game. Period,” Flores emphatically said Sunday night via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN. “I have been in this league for a long time, and if you are not motivated on a daily basis, you won’t be in this league long — that’s players, coaches, that’s personnel, that’s everybody.”

Dolphins veteran center Daniel Kilgore admits people wanting the Dolphins to lose does bother him because players aren’t wired to try and lose games.

“Yeah, sure it [bothers me]. We got 14 draft picks next year. So let’s win,” veteran center Daniel Kilgore said. “People get mad when we win. I wouldn’t want anybody to go to their job and fail at it. We got 53 guys busting their ass every day, competing, trying to get a win. I understand the point [of tanking]. But I’m not down for it. I’m an old man in this league. I’m trying to get as many wins as I can get. My clock is running out. You’ve got many young guys coming in here over the next couple of years, so worry about it then. Win now.”

The Dolphins return home on Sunday to take on the Buffalo Bills and on paper that looks like another game that they can keep close.

Even if the Dolphins don’t win any more games for the rest of the season, there is one thing clear about this team, they aren’t quitting.