Doug Pederson is no longer the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles after being fired on Monday.

The Super Bowl-winning coach’s departure was not a surprise to Louie DiBiase, the host of the daily Locked On Eagles podcast. The fact that Doug Pederson was able to find any kind of success at all while being held in check by Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie for five years is a bigger surprise when you really look at it:

DiBiase: He wanted a recycled coach that was already previously fired by the Eagles, Cory Undlin, the former defensive backs coach. Doug wanted to bring him back as the defensive coordinator. So, Doug’s plan was, I am not going to lie, pretty complacent. He wanted to promote from within. He wanted to stick with his guys. Preston Heeler, Cory Undlin, you know, those kinds of guys as his assistants, and Lurie was not happy. Lurie was going to give him a say, but it came with contingencies. It was not full power.

Doug did not have full say, clearly, because Lurie was not buying into his plan. Lurie was hoping that he would come to him with outside hires, different names, bigger names to potentially fix this offense and defense. And Doug Pederson was not happy with that either. Lurie was not happy with Doug’s plan; Doug was not happy that he did not get a full say in his plan. Even Ian Rapoport reported that Doug Pederson was sick of being told what to do and that is really what it came down to, right, is that Doug had enough of having no control with anything within his organization. And you know what, good for Doug. This was unfair and you know what, the fact that Pederson has had as much success as he did in five years with this team considering the setup of failure that he was put into, he was set up to fail, the fact that he thrived in three of five seasons, is truly incredible.