Dr DisRespect and Midnight Society have a unique way of doing things with their AAA FPS game Project Moon – they charge playtesters to do QA for them.

Dr DisRespect and Midnight Society shared in May that they are gathering notable developers who worked on big-time FPS games to develop a new Triple-A FPS game on the Polygon blockchain system. That game has now been unveiled, and it's called Project Moon.

Project Moon appears to be combining together a game that Dr DisRespect is well-known to stream- a mix of Escape from Tarkov- and adding a little bit of Rainbow Six Extraction. That's how we'd describe the game that the team is working on, and honestly speaking, regardless of whether the game is a Web3 project or not, we wish that all developers end up making games that are actually fun to play. Play-to-Earn or Play-and-Earn be damned.

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However, it appears that Project Moon is taking the whole earning thing to the next level and turning it on everyone's heads. While most Web3 projects and NFT games promise ownership of in-game objects that players can then flip for profit, Project Moon is making players spend an extra layer of commitment. The game isn't simply a purchase-before-playing kind of game like most commercial games. The game is also not just a free-to-play game with microtransactions. In fact, we don't know yet if Project Moon will be either of these two yet. Players instead have to buy an NFT to playtest an early build of the game.

Original Stormtrooper NFT

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Now, buying NFT to partake in games isn't a new thing, but this would probably be the first game labeled as “Triple-A” (although self-labeled) that would do so. Most Triple-A games would actually have a QA team to playtest the game and make sure it's bug-free and ready to play. However, Midnight Society's Web3 Project will instead charge people (via the purchase of NFT) just to playtest an early build of a game that we don't even know would ever release fully (as most NFT games are seemingly averse to ever releasing fully.)