Draymond Green‘s kicking controversy in the 2016 NBA playoffs continued on Thursday night.

Green narrowly avoided a suspension in the Western Conference Finals after kicking Steven Adams in the groin twice, tripping Enes Kanter, delivering a shot to Andre Roberson‘s chin, and another kick at Kevin Durant. It was getting out of hand, but the league office decided not to punish him further after his flagrant-2 in Game 3.

Everybody watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals was on edge with regards to Green's wild feet, and they didn't disappoint on this play with Kyrie Irving in the first quarter:

When asked about the incident, Green was a bit ticked off with the reporter, believing that he was insinuating that Draymond had purposely kicked Irving.

Here's their Q&A:

There was another incident of something that came out in social media today where there was another kick that went close to Kyrie's head. Are you trying to tone that down knowing there is this extra attention on you?

“Tone what down?”

The kicks.

“You think I tried to kick Kyrie?”

No, the question that I'm asking you is are you aware of it? There seems to be extra scrutiny on it. Is there something you can do to make sure these things don't come up where people would even have that question to ask you?

“No, if I was aware of something, I wouldn't do it. But basketball is basketball, and bodies react a certain type of way. I don't really mind any scrutiny. It doesn't bother me. I'm going to still live my life and do everything I do the same way and not lose any sleep. So life goes on.”

If all of these kicks are indeed on purpose, Green has done a great job denying that in interviews. Regardless of his intentions, opposing players between beware of his flying legs moving forward.

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