After Draymond Green lost his cool in Game 4 of the NBA Finals by hitting LeBron James in the groin, he was suspended from Game 5. Since then, Draymond Green has spoken on the suspension and has revealed that he will never let his emotions get the best of him again.

In his entry for The Undefeated, Draymond Green explains:

“I learned a lot about myself as a man. I got to control my emotions. I will always control my emotions now. There is a silver lining in between everything. I'm not a guy that takes moral victories, but I did learn from that. I learned that I can't put myself in harm’s way and that’s in anything. That's in basketball. That's in life. You can't put yourself in that position.

“I think it will make me a much better player. I will have the same fire. I had my fire tonight, but it was controlled. It will make it a lot better.”

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