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Video: Syracuse player gets caught with cheap shot on Duke’s Zion Williamson

Duke, Syracuse, Zion Williamson

In case anyone hadn’t been made aware from the thousands of updates regarding him, Zion Williamson of the Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball team returned to action after missing 6 games after famously obliterating his shoe during his first matchup against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Williamson immediately made his presence felt and, as of this writing, Williamson has yet to miss a shot on the way to a 13 for 13 shooting night as he attempts to lead the Blue Devils to a victory in the ACC Tournament against the Syracuse Orange.

The Orange previously defeated Duke in overtime without point guard Tre Jones earlier in the season, so Zion certainly wants to exact some revenge on Jim Boeheim and ‘Cuse.

It seems that the Syracuse players wanted to get a little revenge on Zion as well, as ESPN’s Sportscenter unearthed a clip of Orange player Frank Howard seemingly trying to trip Williamson as he came up the court:

Of course, since Zion just returned from an injury this is even more of a shocking occurrence. The way Howard innocuously lifts his hands up after Zion stumbles a bit makes it seem as if this was an intentional move by Howard.

However, because Zion is an immense block of chiseled muscle, he only slightly stumbled a bit and then was back to normal.

It’s going to take more than a blown-out shoe and a minor trip to bring down one of the greatest college athletes of all time. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching Zion and this stacked Duke team in March Madness, as well as the rest of the ACC Tournament.