Kevin Durant will not be paying a visit to every team that wants to speak with him.

Durant has decided to set up a place where teams can come to meet him, since he is in demand.

According to The Vertical’s Woj , he and his team has decided to host his free agent meetings in the Hamptons on Long Island, N.Y., on Friday and Saturday.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, his current team, will be the first team that gets a pitch at Durant on Thursday before he takes off to New York to entertain several other pitches.

kevin durant
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Durant has picked six teams to meet with him, although he rejected a pair prior to this week already. Those teams are the Spurs, Celtics, ClippersHeat, Warriors, and Thunder. All of these teams have interest, and they either have cap room or would make room for him.

Durant said he was intrigued with the Knicks as well, but there is no meeting set up, despite Carmelo Anthony pitching his personal take during the USA Basketball Olympic tour.

Durant will be looking for a max contract and a team ready to win. If those two things are not apart of what teams have to say, they are already miles behind the Thunder who are instant contenders with him, and can offer him the most money.

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