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EA Play Live: Introducing Battlefield 2042 Portal mode

EA Play Live template with Battlefield 2042 Portal poster

Just when Battlefield 2042 was starting to feel like just more Battlefield, EA Play Live unveils its Portal Mode. The game’s third and final game mode makes Battlefield 2042 an entirely unique experience. But what exactly is Battlefield 2042‘s Portal Mode? Let’s take a closer look.

Watch the Battlefield Portal Mode Trailer from EA Play Live

Just watching the Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Trailer is already fun and exciting. Battlefield games are already known for the chaotic and over-the-top games you can have in Multiplayer. DICE doubles down on this and throws logic out of the window to make the ultimate Battlefield multiplayer experience. The best part of it all is it’s entirely customizable, giving the community a chance to make their own Portal Mode experience. Ready to learn more? Read on.

What is Battlefield 2042‘s Portal Mode?

Battlefield 2042‘s Portal Mode lets DICE – and the community – get creative. Imagine Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator kind of customization, with all Battlefields’ assets and gameplay. Yes, Portal Mode makes use of old and new maps, old and new factions, old and new weapons and vehicles. Everything that made Battlefield good over the course of its history makes a comeback as playable parts of Portal Mode. Want to pit Russians against the UK soldiers? Sure, go ahead. Want to try using a Panzerschreck to down a B17 Bomber? Go ahead. Portal Mode features more than 40 weapons, 40 vehicles, 30 gadgets, 7 armies, and all the classic soldier archetypes in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 2042 will roll out with pre-programmed maps created by the DICE team for players to try out at launch. But once the servers go online, creative players in the community can start making their own Portal Mode experiences. While the maps themselves are untouchable, players will be able to change the game’s mechanics and logic, conditions, traits, which weapons, classes, and vehicles will appear, etc. Once the recipe has been followed and all of these are whisked together, players can get into a lobby and try out the experiment in glorious 128-player battles. Talk about epic.