Some retired NFL players are content with their career earnings. Not former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, though.

DeSean Jackson had a shocking three-word take on the money he made during his 15-year NFL career from 2008 to 2022. He didn't hold back on the “No Jumper” podcast (via The Spun's Chris Rosvoglu) on Thursday.

“F–k the NFL,” DeSean Jackson said.

The speedy former Eagles wideout earned approximately $91 million in his NFL career. However, he felt he should've been paid more than $100 million. Jackson also revealed his various side hustles today.

“The hustler I am, I ain't satisfied with the money I made in the NFL. I would meet you today, and you wouldn't even think I made $100-plus million in the NFL. Because guess what? That money right there, that's going to make my future be cool for my kids,” DeSean Jackson said.

“But right now, I still need bread, so I'm out here getting all type of stuff, going private equity, real estate,” Jackson revealed.

“F–k the NFL. That s–t was cool, but what's next? I'm trying to go touch some Magic Johnson type s–t,” DeSean Jackson concluded.

Jackson was a three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver who spent eight of his 15-year NFL career with the Eagles. He announced his retirement from the NFL on November 29.

Jason and Kylie Kelce surrounded by hearts.

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The Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce surrounded by piles of cash.

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“I'll forever be an Eagle,” DeSean Jackson said.

Now that Jackson hung up his cleats, he's enjoying the role of spectator. He recently revealed he lobbied the Eagles to draft quarterback Jalen Hurts. Jackson already knew Hurts had the potential to blossom in the NFL. His instincts were spot on – Hurts has helped Philly become a perennial Super Bowl contender.