Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Josh Sills pleaded not guilty to rape and kidnapping charges. He has now been found not guilty of the charges amid being on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt list, reports The Sports Place's Arye Pulli.

“Eagles reserve offensive lineman Josh Sills was found NOT GUILTY on both counts of Rape and Kidnapping. He is currently on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt List.”

This is good news for Josh Sills as he can now move forward and get back focused on his life and football career. It is uncertain if he will be returned to the Eagles or if and when he will be removed from the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt list, but he is probably not worried about that right now.

For the Eagles, it will be interesting to see how they handle Josh Sills and if they will welcome him back onto the roster. This is definitely a precarious situation that needs to be treaded lightly, so stay tuned towards whatever the Eagles decide to do with the future of Sills on the roster.

If the Eagles are being honest, they don't necessarily need Sills on an already solid offensive line and stacked team overall. Still, they might want to give him a second chance given the fact that he was found not guilty.

Josh Sills would be entering his second season if he is able to suit up for the Eagles this year, so he definitely has a lot of time to potentially develop into an important player. Nevertheless, his future career is still up in the air, and he will now most likely be focusing on getting his life back on track in general.