Eagles news: Malcolm Jenkins hates 'Super Bowl LII Champions' sign in Philadelphia's locker room
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Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins hates ‘Super Bowl LII Champions’ sign in Philadelphia’s locker room

Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are just a few months removed from winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history that has ingrained many reminders around the locker room that includes a sign that states “Super Bowl Champions.”

According to Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic, star safety Malcolm Jenkins has voiced that he doesn’t like seeing that sign around given that it speaks about the past and takes away from the team’s motivation for repeating as Super Bowl champions this upcoming season.

Hanging high on the wall between the linebackers and offensive linemen in the Eagles locker room is a sign that reads “Super Bowl LII Champions” along with a picture of the Lombardi Trophy. It’s part of the interior decorating makeover that’s taken place at the NovaCare Complex this offseason.

“I hate it, personally,” said Malcolm Jenkins. “My focus is all on adding another ‘I’ to the end of that. And so it’s great. But I’m well beyond celebrating last year’s accomplishments because they don’t mean anything this year, they don’t get us anything. I said it earlier this offseason, it’s not boxing where we get to hold the belt and somebody has to come beat us and take it. We don’t have anything. We’re at the bottom just like everybody else.”

The Eagles are clearly over the feeling that winning a Super Bowl with their focus directed on the upcoming campaign where they will have the targets on their backs. This has put them on a more difficult quest to get back to the top with them no longer being viewed as the underdog after becoming the champions.

It is also a fresh new slate for the Eagles to work themselves back to the top of the mountain where there will be plenty of formidable opponents that will be looking to knock them off that track. Philadelphia has added more talent to help that effort, but the challenge remains all the same for the franchise.

All of this should make for a highly entertaining 2018 season where the Eagles could once again be in the mix to contend for another Super Bowl.