Eagles video: Dallas Goedert being sucker-punched leaks online
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Video: Eagles’ Dallas Goedert being sucker-punched leaks online

Dallas Goedert, Eagles

On Saturday, it was reported that Dallas Goedert of the Philadelphia Eagles was sucker-punched at a restaurant while he was with his family. Just a day later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was able to get a hold of the video of Goedert being punched by an anonymous man.

Goedert, who attended South Dakota State in college, appeared to be in the South Dakota area with family. Furthermore, Goedert was seen at a restaurant in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

In the video, a random male appears out of nowhere and punches the Eagles tight end. After being punched, Goedert fell to the ground and was seemingly knocked out momentarily.

Within the reports, it was revealed that Goedert was admitted to a hospital following the incident. However, Goedert is doing fine and there hasn’t been any information on whether or not he suffered any injuries. Also, it is unclear what the backstory is behind a random person deciding to punch the pass-catching tight end.

As of this moment, reports have suggested that Goedert didn’t do anything to provoke the man that hit him. Still, more details will certainly surface once more information is discovered.

Standing at 6-foot-5, nearly 260 pounds, Goedert is not an easy person to knock to the ground. At the least, Goedert and his family were able to avoid the altercation from escalating even further.

Since the event occurred, the Eagles have yet to release a statement on the matter. Similar to whoever is handling the incident in South Dakota, Philadelphia is likely looking further into the situation.