Console gaming experience promised at the palm of your hands: ELO Gaming Sports is about to launch the ELO Vagabond through Kickstarter, a unique smartphone controller device that offers durability, precision, and seamless charging rolled all into one.

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We’ve seen a lot of smartphone controllers in our day, but the new ELO Vagabond stands out from the pack thanks to its no-nonsense design, built with precision and ergonomics in mind. The ELO Vagabond has universal capability with all smartphone models, with or without a case, which is already more than what can be said from most mobile smartphone controllers in the market.

On top of that, ELO’s smartphone controller boasts a premium look and feel with components that are built for maximized performance on the go. ELO Gaming Sports promises unmatched precision and superior accuracy for their controller through the device’s full-sized hall sensor joystick, tactile microswitch bumpers, and proper tension. It’s also designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, making sure that long hours playing with the device will always be comfortable through its sleek design that rivals the controllers of Sony and Microsoft.

Finally, the ELO Vagabond’s compatibility is bolstered by its 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable and USB-C Input Cable Passthroughs, smartly placed at the pointed tip of each grip of the controller, allowing players to plug in their cables to the device without getting into the way, or worrying how their phone’s I/O ports would be compromised by its placement in between the controller’s grips. It is a smart design that truly solves a problem we’ve always seen in previous models from other manufacturers.

Overall, the look and feel of the ELO Vagabond rivals professional or premium versions of the DualSense and the Xbox Controllers.

While already completely backed by supporters, the Kickstarter project is still accepting backers, with the project completed on September 23, 2023. Supporters will be able to get into the basic package for $149, 25% off its retail price, for both its Apple iOS and Android versions.