England faces a significant concern as their star striker, Harry Kane, deals with a back injury just weeks before Euro 2024. Kane, who plays for Bayern Munich, has been struggling with back pain for ten days and will miss Bayern’s final Bundesliga game against Hoffenheim.

Kane’s Fitness Worries for England

The injury comes at a crucial time for England, with the opening game of the Euros against Serbia less than a month away. England manager Gareth Southgate is set to announce a large “training” squad on Tuesday, and Kane is expected to be included despite his injury. However, his fitness remains a major concern.

Kane has been in considerable pain, which affected his performance in the Champions League match against Real Madrid on May 8. Despite his efforts, Bayern lost 2-1. Following this, he missed the subsequent Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg, which Bayern won 2-0. The England captain is now receiving treatment at home from Canadian sports medicine specialist Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco, who previously helped Kane with his ankle issues.

Bayern Munich’s departing coach, Thomas Tuchel, commented on Kane’s condition: “Harry is receiving treatment from his doctor. He cannot travel. He was already at the limit in Madrid. It was a borderline decision for him to play. He had a complete blockade in his back; it's got worse and bothers him in everyday movements. There was no chance for him to participate in the game.”

Kane and the rest of the England squad are scheduled to meet at Middlesbrough’s training ground on May 29. They will then play a friendly match against Bosnia and Herzegovina in Newcastle on June 3, followed by a match against Iceland at Wembley on June 7. These matches are crucial for Southgate to assess his team before heading to Germany for the Euros, with the opening match against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen on June 16.

The Three Lions' captain is a pivotal figure in the team for his scoring ability and his leadership on the field. His presence at the Euros is vital for England's chances. The injury affects his club and raises concerns about his availability and performance for the national team.

Meanwhile, there has been significant news regarding Thomas Tuchel. Despite talks about him possibly staying, Tuchel has confirmed his departure from Bayern Munich. He said, “This is my final press conference as FC Bayern manager. We will stay with the agreement we had in February. We had talks but we could not find an agreement.”

Tuchel's departure adds another layer of complexity to Kane's situation. A new manager at Bayern could have different plans for the striker, potentially affecting his rehabilitation and preparation for the Euros. However, Kane primarily focuses on recovering in time to represent England.

Kane’s injury has overshadowed England’s preparations for Euro 2024. His captain and top scorer role makes his fitness essential for the team’s success. Southgate hopes that the treatment Kane receives will enable him to recover in time to lead England in the tournament.

The upcoming friendlies will be a key test for Southgate’s squad, and fans will be eager to see if Kane can make a swift recovery. The team’s performance in these matches will give a clearer picture of their readiness for the Euros and whether Kane can be fit to make a significant impact.

England’s hopes in Euro 2024 heavily depend on Kane’s recovery. His injury is a significant setback, but with expert medical care, there is optimism that he will be fit to lead the Three Lions. All eyes will be on the upcoming friendlies and Kane’s progress as the tournament approaches. The England squad, coaching staff, and fans will hold their breath, hoping for positive news about their star striker.