England manager Gareth Southgate has been greatly impressed by the performance and composure of young Kobbie Mainoo during his breakout season at Manchester United. The 19-year-old midfielder has earned a spot in the England squad for Euro 2024 following his exceptional performances for his club.

Mainoo’s debut season has been nothing short of remarkable. He capped it off by scoring the winning goal in Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over Manchester City in the FA Cup final. His ability to perform under pressure has caught the eye of both fans and experts alike, including the national team manager.

Southgate's confidence in young talent

Despite his young age, Southgate expressed his confidence in Mainoo’s ability to handle big matches. “The curious thing about young talent is how they will cope under pressure. You can see the technical ability, but it's about how tactically aware they are, how mature, their ability to cope with big matches,” Southgate said on the national team's website.

Playing for Manchester United comes with constant scrutiny, and Mainoo has shown that he can thrive under such conditions. Southgate added, “When you're playing for Manchester United, you're always under the spotlight. He's shown that with them, with us in March. We've never been afraid to put young players in. If players are good enough, we're not so concerned about their age. Kobbie has had an amazing season, and it was fabulous for him to finish the season with a goal and a trophy.”

Southgate’s decision to include Mainoo in the Euro 2024 squad is a testament to the youngster's talent and maturity. The England manager is known for giving young players opportunities if they show they are capable, regardless of their experience. Mainoo’s inclusion indicates that Southgate believes he can contribute significantly to the national team.

Kobbie Mainoo’s journey and future prospects

Mainoo’s journey this season has been a story of hard work and determination. He has shown great promise, from making his debut to becoming a key player in crucial matches. His performances have helped Manchester United win important games and earned him recognition on the international stage.

With Euro 2024 approaching, Mainoo will be eager to make his mark. He will look to earn his third England cap in a friendly match against Bosnia-Herzegovina before the tournament. This match will be an excellent opportunity for him to showcase his skills and increase his chances of securing a place in the starting lineup for the competition in Germany.

Southgate’s faith in Kobbie Mainoo highlights the young midfielder’s impressive capabilities and maturity. Mainoo’s standout season with Manchester United has paved the way for his inclusion in the England squad for Euro 2024. As he continues to develop and gain experience, fans, and teammates will watch closely to see how this promising young player will shape the future of English football.