Every known tattoo Tristan Thompson has on his body
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Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson

Every known tattoo on Tristan Thompson’s body

Most NBA players either have a ton of tattoos, or none at all. For Cavaliers forward, Tristan Thompson, he’s smack in the middle with just three in total, on his chest, back and hand, respectively.

Here, we delve into his three tattoos and study the meaning behind each of them. In addition, we also take a look into the whole “Khloe” tattoo speculation that took place in 2016, just for fun, as well.

1. Chest tattoo

On his chest, Tristan Thompson sports a large tattoo that reads, “My Brother’s Keeper” over a pair of wings. This symbolizes his youngest brother, Amari Thompson, who has epilepsy. The tattoo serves as a reminder for Thompson’s duties off the basketball court with regards to taking care of his family.

2. Back Tattoo

While Thompson doesn’t favor having multiple tattoos, he does seem to prefer having a few larger ones instead. On his entire back, he has a tattoo of an angel kissing a lady on the forehead with the words,”Who God has Blessed no Man can curse.”

3. Hand Tattoo

His last and smallest tattoo is one on his hand. The outer side of Thompon’s left hand shows a tattoo of some sort of Viking symbol.

Bonus: “Khloe” tattoo

In 2016, there was a ton of speculation on social media when a photo of “Khloe” tattooed on the back of someone presumed to be Thompson made the rounds. This was when Thompson and Khloe Kardashian were dating. To be honest, it did look legit.

The Twitter world wasn’t so kind, too, as the jokes and criticism quickly piled up.

However, it was later on confirmed that it was fake. Whew.

The photo below actually belongs to LSU football star Andraez “Greedy” Williams and it’s not for Khloe Kardashian. It was a tribute to his daughter.

Moreover, it was discovered that Thompson had his real ink on his back since 2013.