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Falcons owner Arthur Blank says there’s ‘no need to worry’ about Matt Ryan extension

Matt Ryan, Arthur Blank

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is heading into the final year of a five-year, $103.75 million extension. His new one, which is expected to come before the 2018 season starts, is going to be even bigger. The question is when it will actually be signed.

In an email to Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons owner Arthur Blank couldn’t say when. But he gave every indication that it will happen:

“The most direct and honest answer is: no need to worry, good conversations are happening, they are positive, and there’s no timetable for this,” the Falcons’ owner wrote.

At 32, Ryan could easily have another five to eight years left if he can stay healthy. It would not be surprising if his extension were more like three-years due to his age with an option for the two more. But while the structure of the deal could be anything, there is one thing that is for certain.

He’ll be paid better than the Minnesota Vikings paid Kirk Cousins (three years, $84 million). Whether his deal will be fully guaranteed like Cousins would be a little surprising. But he is a better quarterback. If Cousins is worth that much, he’s absolutely worth more.

Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff recently said the impending deal with Ryan is “close.” Just because it’s close now doesn’t mean it can’t hit a roadblock. He could also be saying “close” because it is a completely subjective term.

Chances are the two sides will come to terms on some sort of agreement sooner rather than later. Until then, Falcons fans will just have to take Blank at his word to not worry and stay patient.