The Atlanta Falcons had a disappointing 2023 campaign, and while they have a talented roster, it was clear that their lack of a solution at the quarterback position held them back. Unsurprisingly, the top item on general manager Terry Fontenot's to-do list this offseason involves finding a new quarterback that can lead Atlanta to success.

After rolling with some combination of Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke last season, it's obvious that neither guy is the answer. There are several avenues for Fontenot to pursue when it comes to upgrading at this spot, whether it be through free agency, the draft, or the trade market, and as of right now, it sounds like is going to explore every path available to find the Falcons the best quarterback possible for 2024.

The Falcons certainly have a lot of options when it comes to upgrading at quarterback. They are armed with the eighth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and while that's not going to yield them one of the top three passers in the draft, they could conceivably move up in the draft to get their guy. They could also use some of their cap space to sign a veteran off the free agent market, while using a later-round pick to develop their next quarterback.

The offseason is only just getting started, so it would be foolish for Fontenot to rule out any possible options at this stage of the game. It's good to see, though, that he has an open mind when it comes to making this decision, and all eyes will be on him and the Falcons front office to see how they end up addressing the quarterback position over the next few weeks.