Fallout: New Vegas mod described as a DLC-sized expansion called “A Legion Lands” is now downloadable and playable at the Nexus Mod Manager.

While everyone is hyped for the upcoming Fallout 4 mod known as Fallout London, it appears that Fallout: New Vegas modders were also busy creating their own expansion.

Fallout: New Vegas modders known as Nova Arizona Team recently launched the “A Legion Lands Expansion” on Nexus Mods. The expansion mod gives players a new game to play within the Mojave wasteland. Nova Arizona takes players to the land east of the Colorado River. Players will take on new quests and progress through a new storyline.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Fallout: New Vegas expansion.

Fallout: New Vegas Expansion: What to Expect from the Massive Mod

According to the team of modders, the majority of the expansion's lore is original. However, some aspects of the mod take inspiration from New Vegas' cut content.

New and Improved Legion

Aside from adding new content, Nova Arizona overhauled Caesar's Legion to make it a more realistic faction. Players have criticized the faction to be unrealistic because of its homogenized culture and lack of civilian institutions, which the mod aimed to fix by depicting the Legion with more depth and detail. Despite the additions, the modders assure players that everything the faction stood for in the vanilla game remain intact.

New Areas to Explore

Nova Arizona expanded Fallout: New Vegas' map by 30%, transforming area typically seen in the background into accessible sections. One perfect example would be the Base Camp, which is located at the lower portion of the Fort. Initially seen as tents in the vanilla version of the game, the modding team recreated it and turned it into a dedicated Legion settlement.

The modders added in a fishing village called Newt. The village is located on the shore of Lake Mead. The community residing there is struggling to secure food and other resources due to The Legion. While it was never clarified on Nova Arizona's page, it's safe to assume that the mod will feature quests interaction with Newt villagers.

Other Legion-infested areas will also be in the expansion such as the Malpais Legion Camp, Solitare Big Stop, and Dolan Springs. Given the amount of new Legion-infested spots there are to explore, players will undoubtedly take on the task of taking them down once again.

Nova Arizona is Now in Beta

“A Legion Lands Expansion” has come a long way since its Alpha phase. While the expansion mod is technically still under development, the team decided to transition into their Beta phase. Meaning to say, players are now free to test out and download the expansion. But do bear in mind that the mod still needs a lot of work.

Here's a full breakdown of Nova Arizona's progress:

  • Exterior World Space – 80-90% complete
  • Interior World Space – 40-50% complete
  • Navmeshing – 20-30% complete
  • Quests – 10% complete
  • NPC Dialogue – 5-10% complete
  • Loot and Combat Encounters – 15-20% complete

Given their current progress, players will mostly only be able to roam around the wasteland's extended area. The modding team didn't give a specific time frame on how long it would take to complete the mod. They are even encouraging the community to help them out to speed up the expansion's progress. While waiting for Nova Arizona's completion, players are free to download and explore the mod anytime.

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